Applicant: Ogólnopolskie Porozumienie Związków Zawodowych  


1 : Uniwersytet Warszawski (University of Warsaw) 

2 : Fundacja Instytut Spraw Publicznych (Foundation Institute of Public Affairs) 

Associate Organisations 

1 : Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation 

2 : Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia 

3 : Coalición Sindical Independiente de Trabajadores-Unión Profesional 

4 : National Trade Union Confederation "Cartel ALFA"  


Trade union membership is crucial indicator of industrial relations systems. In general, they are strictly linked to the viability and effectiveness of collective bargaining, social dialogue and participatory collective labour relations. The project seeks to improve the expertise in the field of industrial relations, and will be focused mainly on the diagnosis and analysis concerning the decline in unionization in Europe. Thanks to cooperation between one of the players of industrial relations – trade unions, and the experts from the Polish University and think thank Polish organization, we will conduct the research concerning the reasons of joining/not joining to trade unions, the opinion about effectiveness of trade unions, and new methods of encouraging people, especially youth to join trade unions. The project results will be disseminated across whole Europe.   

The main objective of the project is to identify the reasons of declining in unionization in Europe; perception of workers on trade union actions or the union “image”, to identify trends in organizing the workers in the unorganized sectors in Europe and to  elaborate best strategies and measures how to fight with this phenomenon.   

Meetings performed within the project:
1. Kick of meeting 1-2.03.2017 Warsaw, Poland
2. Networking day 27.04.2017 Brussels, Belgium
3. I International Focus Group 29.06.2017 Belgrade, Serbia
4. II International Focus Group 23.01.2019 Warsaw, Poland
5. National Seminar 5.02.2019 Vilnius, Lithuania
6. National Seminar 19.02.2019 Belgrade, Serbia
7. National Seminar 21.02.2019 Madrid, Spain
8. National Seminar 26.02.2019 Bucharest, Romania
9. National Seminar 6.03.2019 Warsaw, Poland
10. Follow-up meeting 19.03.2019 Toledo, Spain

SPANISH VERSION OF PUBLICATION: Future of workplace_ES_calosc.pdf

LITHUANIAN VERSION OF PUBLICATION: Future of workplace_LT_calosc.pdf


ROMANIAN VERSION OF PUBLICATION: Future of workplace_RO_calosc.pdf

SERBIAN VERSION OF PUBLICATION: Future of workplace_RS_calosc.pdf